Submission Guidelines for the Virtual Museum of Canadian Traditional Music

What kinds of comments are acceptable?
  • Comments that are relevant to the narrative or context of the object
  • Comments must be your own. Do not submit comments or media that are not your own.
What types of submissions are unacceptable?
  • No profane, offensive, or objectionable language will be accepted
  • No media of an offensive nature will be accepted
What about personal information?
  • Only your name will appear online along with your comment.
  • Any other personal information you submit will be collected in accordance with the University of Alberta Privacy Policy.
What are the technical criteria for submissions of media?
  • File size compliance
    • 2 mb image
    • 5 mb audio clip
    • 10 mb video clip
  • These limits are for rendered media (processed automatically into optimized jpg, mp3, flv in limited resolution) so larger files may be accepted if they compress to the acceptable limit during upload
How are comments moderated?
  • Comments are moderated by a reviewer prior to appearing online.
  • Approved comments will be posted within two working days following submission. You will receive an email confirming acceptance of your submission.
How will you use my submissions?
  • Once reviewed, your approved submissions will be published on the VMCTM website.
  • By submitting your content, you grant us the non-exclusive right to use your content royalty-free.