About Us

The University of Alberta´s Canadian Centre for Ethnomusicology (CCE) is dedicated to research into musical traditions of the diverse cultures of Alberta and western Canada, as well as cultures around the world.

FolkwaysAlive! is a special initiative within the CCE, partnering with Smithsonian Folkways Recordings to develop the full potential of the University of Alberta´s Moses and Frances Asch Collection of Folkways Recordings, one of the greatest record collections of world and folk music ever assembled, by using it as a basis and inspiration for a wide variety of projects within the CCE mandate.

CCE and folkwaysAlive! collaborate with music communities, local and global, bringing together scholars, students, musicians and others for lectures, performances, workshops, courses, and recordings. Our goal is to be a national centre of musical and cultural excellence, promoting and supporting Canada′s diverse musical-cultural heritage and living musical traditions, for education, research, preservation, community-building and aesthetic enjoyment.