Vol 1, No 1 (2011)

We are proud to announce the publication of ReSonare, the online graduate music journal at the University of Alberta. With the publication of our first articles, we look forward to serving as an effective sounding board for all areas of music research, particularly one in which graduate students are actively involved in the dissemination of music scholarship. Through an interdisciplinary focus, we hope to encourage a rich dialogue that involves all areas of music scholarship, including experimental and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

We would like to thank the Editorial Board and the Faculty of the Department of Music, as well as folkwaysAlive! at the University of Alberta, for their efforts in supporting the launch of ReSonare.

Niyati Dhokai and Christopher Miersma, editors.

Table of Contents

A Study in Violin Pedagogy: Teaching Techniques from Selected Works by Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, Bartók, and Delerue PDF
Layne Vanderbeek
Unsung Heroes? A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Lip-Syncing in American and Indian Film PDF
Lucie Antonia Gina Alaimo

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