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Virtual Museum of Canadian Traditional Music

The Virtual Museum of Canadian Traditional Music is a project co-produced by folkwaysAlive! and featured in the Virtual Museum of Canada. This exhibit explores traditional music in Canada.

Click here to access the VMCTM.

State reaps rewards on investment in universities

Among recent public discourse about our state’s investment in the University of California, a thoughtful legislator proposed that discount michael kors the state add another campus to the 10 campus system. Using the example of Caltech, he suggested that a new campus focus on science, technology, engineering, mathematics and the arts. The idea is laudable as it was some 50 years ago, when legislators, scientists and scholars agreed to establish UC San Diego.The then seventh member of the UC system, in fact, was envisioned as a bold, experimental campus of graduate students engaged in science and research. As the campus fake cheap Michael kors handbags grew and matured, we welcomed undergraduate students and began to offer a well rounded and more widely challenging academic experience.Historian Nancy Scott Anderson, in “An Improbable cheap michael kors Venture,” writes that our relatively young public enterprise “is recognized as the best institution of higher education established in the United States since the Second World War.” Founded as a graduate school focused on research during the Cold War science boom, michael kors cheap she says, UC San Diego “has matured into a well rounded campus where fine arts, humanities, and health and social sciences flourish.”As a public research university, our charge is to not only advance knowledge and produce knowledgeable and contributing citizens, but also cultivate inventors, spark new cheap michael kors handbags businesses, create jobs and serve as powerful economic engines of our local and state economies. Our mission enables us to educate our state’s youth, cheap michael kors purses create a skilled workforce and re pay our fellow citizens’ investment through economic development.As chancellor, I talk to people from all walks of life, from every part of the state, and I hear their praise and their complaints. Most acknowledge that UC San Diego and our sister campuses are world renowned; that medical, engineering, and scientific advances improve their lives; that university nurtured arts inspire them; humanities and social sciences enable them to understand the context of our past and present; and they are grateful for our work on their behalf.Some are more bottom line oriented “What have you done cheap Michael Kors for me lately, and what did it cost?”Right now, Californians contribute about 7 percent of UC San Diego’s nearly $4 billion budget, a percentage that has fallen steadily over the last decade as the state continues to “disinvest” in higher education.Many of those I talk to are surprised, if not astonished, by this low fake michael kors number. Many believe cheap michael kors that because we are “public,” we are 100 percent supported by Californians’ dollars, or close to that. But the state’s contribution to our enterprise has indeed fallen to very modest, and declining, levels.The very welcome public money we do receive enables us to leverage our university into a $4 billion enterprise. Despite the reduced investment, we have been able to maintain our top world cheap michael kors bags stature by creating alternative sources of revenue and collaborative partnerships. All the rest we compete for in the form of federal and state grants, income from patents, philanthropy, and other contributions.UC San Diego brings in more than $1 billion in (very competitive) research funding every year. Beyond the discoveries and breakthroughs that result and the more than 28,000 taxpayers we employ we also help create new businesses, large and small.Articles Connexes:

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Articles Connexes: