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Researching the Story of Gospel Music in the West

folkwaysAlive! at the University of Alberta is sponsoring a three-year research project to explore the history of gospel music in Western Canada. Dr Carl Urion, folkwayAlive! Research Fellow, is responsible for this project.

We’ll search public archives and create some of our own, but the priority is to record interviews. It’s especially important to document the contribution of the people whose lives have been devoted to this music and who have given the tradition its finest expression here.

We also need to find out how current artists, musicians, and promoters view the history and the future of gospel music. Most of the interviews during these first 3 years will be in Alberta, though some will take place in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. If there is enough interest, other projects could follow.

Two kinds of videorecording—several field recordings and a few production quality recordings of gospel music events—will be part of the project. (Performers will retain rights, but will allow folkwaysAlive! to archive the recordings for research and scholarly use.)

Western Canadian gospel music crosses boundaries

The history of gospel music in Western Canada is a history of music that crosses human boundaries. Even during times of conflict and social upheaval, people of the different communities of Western Canada heard each other sing, learned from each other, sang for each other, and sang together. Each community has distinct traditions but together we have also shared musical styles and songs.

For example, the first publications of any kind in Western Canada, in the 1840s and 1850s, were collections of gospel songs and hymns in Cree. (“We’re Marching to Zion” was one.) The singing of gospel songs has been a tradition in First Nations and Metis communities, from the campmeetings of the 19th century right up to the present. Today there are First Nations and Metis gospel music jamborees, concerts and special events in all four western provinces, Nunavut, and the NWT.

Winnipeg, Turtleford, Maidstone, Amber Valley, Wildwood, Edmonton, Vancouver: those are centres in the four Western provinces where Black gospel music has rung out for well over 100 years. The much older African-Canadian communities of Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario are represented here, and more recent immigrants from the Americas and Africa have influenced the development of African-Canadian gospel traditions in the West.

The first publisher of American gospel music, in 1816 in Virginia, was Joseph Funk, a Mennonite. Several Mennonite traditions in Western Canada are heir to the same songs and singing styles that were practiced in American Appalachia in the 19th century. Mennonite musical traditions have been central to the development of gospel music in Ontario since the early 1800s, and in Western Canada from 1874 onwards, far beyond the Mennonite movement itself.

The Bible schools of the Western provinces played a major role in keeping gospel music alive in the West, especially the male and mixed quartets and the women’s trios. Some of the singing groups from the Bible schools went on to international success.

Gospel music was broadcast in Western Canada on the radio and later on television, but live music has kept the tradition going.

Our heritage groups were born of those traditions. Do you have ideas about ways to honour the groups who followed the call to sing gospel music, and the many who took to the road to do so?

Those heritage gospel singing groups have been blessing Western Canadians for more than 80 years with recordings of southern, country, bluegrass and traditional gospel music. Is there any interest in seeing that the recorded music of the 20th century remains available in public collections and that the stories of gospel singing groups, song writers, and promoters are told?

No Boundaries Here. A 1913 campmeeting in Edmonton, led by W.H. Smith, an African-American gospel singer and preacher. He headed the All Nations Mission in Edmonton between 1906 and 1914, where the singing and preaching were in English, German and Cree. W.H. Smith is 6th from the right in the middle row. (From H.C. Heffren, Voices of the Pioneers, Devon, AB: Bible Lovers’ Correspondence School, n.d., used by permission.)


We need your ideas about how this project can serve the gospel music community.

We need to identify other people who may be interested in this project or who are working on similar projects.

We need to be in touch with people who find this topic interesting, or who have a story to contribute.

We need to identify musicians, singers, promoters and supporters. What groups have been important in different areas over the years?

We need to locate resources: where are the old recordings, promotional materials, songbooks, sheet music, clippings and programs?

We need to find out ways to make that material accessible to others, while ensuring the rights of the people who created the music and produced the recordings.

To find out more please get in touch.

Contact Carl at folkwaysAlive! or at home.
3-47 Arts Building, University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2E6
Leave messages at 780 492-7887 (on campus)
home office 780 465 7881
fax 780 465 7828

‘Stars’ push businesses to hire young workforce

A group of young Scots is urging bosses to grow their businesses with help from the Scottish Government.

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Case studiesThe signs are looking good for a creative South Lanarkshire teenager to complete her Modern Apprenticeship training this summer.

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