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3-47 Old Arts Building
University of Alberta
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Canadian Centre for Ethnomusicology

3-47 Old Arts Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB T6G 2E6
tel: (780) 492-0274
fax: (780) 492-0242

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Street Style From Montreal

Montreal offers up a feast for the senses, including some of our home and native land’s greatest and most famous culinary delights: The hangover friendly poutine, the tastiest smoked meat around, and much of the world’s maple syrup. This city knows how to indulge, and it doesn’t end with food.

For style starved fashionistas, Montreal is the ultimate playground, with Plaza St Hubert offering original Quebec creations and wedding dresses, old Montreal showcasing trendy boutiques galore and the downtown market a one stop shopping haven with local labels and designer stores alike. With its European flavour, Montreal is home to the fashionably aware who define Canadian chic.

We’ve touched base with fashion fiends who have a serious appetite for clothing to showcase their fabulous Montreal garb. Straight from Canada’s fashion capital, we present to you Citizen Style, Montreal Edition. Salut!

Location: Old fake cheap Michael kors handbags Montreal, St. Paul Street. Montreal city style is a mix of love worn vintage pieces and the latest trendy must haves. Right now, I see that many young ladies are trying to adapt the Californian “Boho chic” style for summer. I see a lot of high rise denim shorts paired with cropped boxy tees and Jeffrey Campbell’s platform booties or wedge sneakers and chiffon dresses.”

About The Look:”Blazer The Kooples (My latest purchase from Paris) It is one of my discount michael kors favourite brands. Necklace Joe (Handmade in Montreal) Bought it at the local designer’s boutique in Old Montreal.”

Name: Danisha Pop

Occupation: Fashion Blogger for Danishaz

Location: Taken by Elise Lecomte at the Darling Foundry a place to watch and live visual art , a must see in the city. We have our own fashion week, Michael Kors handbag outlet and a lot of talents I’m proud of it.”

About The Look: “I think it represents my style and the style of Montreal, cheap replica michael kors colourful, free, genuine. I first spotted this special piece when I art directed the brand’s SS’12 presentation. Today, I paired the vest with bird print shorts found at Editorial Boutique, and accessorized the look with a rocking two finger cross ring, nude heels, and my fave accessory du jour, a burgundy bag all scored at ALDO. For the most part, it’s all about easy styled looks that are also practical. Montrealers like to put thought and effort into cheap michael kors their style but at the end of the day, the most important caveat cheap Michael Kors is that it has to be functional. We’re a city that knows how to team looking good with meeting whatever the day has in store for us, whether it be weather wise or schedule/work wise.”

About The Look: Helmut Lang knit, Zara shorts, Michael Kors sunglasses, Aldo booties, Longchamp Pliage bag.

Occupation: Student, artist and fashion blogger

( at a SNAP magazine photo shoot)

Montreal Style Is: cheap michael kors handbags “For me Montreal style at its best is about individuality with a mix and match approach, taking in a variety of style elements and making it your own.”

About The Look: “The heat waves in Montreal can be rough, so anything light and breezy cheap Michael Kors is what I tend to go for in the summer. Two of my best finds this summer were the tan leather backpack I cheap michael kors bags got from an Etsy shop based out of Slovania, and my wooden platform sandals.”

Occupation: Fashion blogger at The Montreal Fashion BlogMontreal Style Is: “I always thought of Montreal’s style like a mix of the european and american influence of both french and english inspiration. People michael kors cheap are very creative in their way of dressing up, they love to mix colors, textures but they still manage to remain minimalistic and avant garde.”Articles Connexes:

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