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folkwaysAlive! — Honouring the Sounds of the People through Research, Education, Public Archives and Performance

folkwaysAlive!, the University of Alberta’s partnership with Smithsonian Folkways Recordings in Washington DC, provides a home for the over two thousand Folkways Records donated to the University by company founder, Moses Asch. Building on this valuable collection, folkwaysAlive! houses a digital archive, provides research opportunities, and presents public performances that relate to and enhance the Folkways philosophy and traditions. Featured artists include Alberta’s Asani, Corb Lund and the Hurtin’ Albertans, and eclecTrip, as well as international guests such as New York’s Trio Tarana and Japan’s Pro Musica Nipponia.

Canadian Centre for Ethnomusicology – music as connection, expression, creation, community and identity

The Canadian Centre for Ethnomusicology is an archive and research resource documenting musical and cultural traditions locally and internationally. The collection includes diverse instruments and more than 4000 titles in audio/video recordings. The Centre helps users understand how people use music to connect, express, and create community and identity. The Centre serves a wide range of students, researchers and community groups, collaborating with music communities, and bringing uk based essay writing services
together scholars, students, musicians and others in performances, workshops, and recordings.

Folkways Records and Service Corporation

Folkways Records began recording and selling albums in a small New York City office in 1948. Owned, operated and financed by recording engineer Moses Asch (1905-1986), the label deliberately set out to document and preserve “people’s music” from around the world. Read more …

The 5 Craziest War Stories All Happened on the Same Ship

Do you ever get sick of hearing about “the greatest generation”? For over 60 years now, it’s been all “they survived the Depression” this and “they defeated the Nazis” that and “they never looked cheap michael kors handbags stupid in hats.” Well, not everything the heroes of the 20th century did was pitch perfect. For example, the WWII destroyer USS William D. Porter was easily the stupidest ship ever launched. If ships were people, this one would be the kid who ate paste off a stick. And then almost killed the president by accident.

So when we say that this ship’s service played out in exactly the way it would if it had been cheap michael kors purses a hastily scripted Adam Sandler comedy, we’re not exaggerating. We’re talking about a ship that .

The USS William D. Porter’s completely ridiculous career as a warship began with an important escort mission. What could go wrong? Well, they came fairly close to accidentally blowing up the president, so there’s that. We have no idea who the man attached to it is.

The destroyer was specifically commissioned to serve as an escort for larger boats (destroyers are widely known to be the Navy’s Kevin Costners to other ships’ Whitney Houstons). So in November of 1943, the William D. Porter was, as its first mission, to escort the battleship USS Iowa across cheap michael kors the Atlantic Ocean to an important summit in Iran. “Why would a battleship need to go to a political summit?” you’re probably asking.

So it was a big deal. The USS William D. Porter was only one of the ships in the convoy that was going to get them there. There was only one problem: The Porter was staffed with the cast of Police Academy.

The trouble started before the boat even left the dock. Specifically, someone forgot to raise the anchor up all the way, and as they backed out ever so slowly, they dragged the anchor along the moored deck of her sister ship. Picture an anchor scraping along railings, lifeboats and thousands of dollars’ worth of war shit like a coked up toddler in a candy store. Picture the looks on the faces of the newbie sailors as they watched it happen a) on their first day on the job and b) on the way to meet the freaking president.”Holy shit we damaged our anchor.”

The captain of the Porter, Wilfred Walter, issued a quick apology, looked at his watch and realized he really needed to meet up with the USS Iowa for their escort mission. So he said, “Wellllp. Navy with the mess. But hey, beginners’ nerves, right? How much worse could things get from there?

4. Nearly Blew Up the President’s Boat With a Depth Charge .

Twenty four hours after the anchor scrape incident, the Porter meekly took replica cheap Michael Kors its place alongside the rest of the convoy, no doubt with her metaphorical head hanging and her shame glasses on. The journey across the Atlantic would take eight days, and the ships would pass through U boat infested waters during wartime, so it was critical that the boats keep up with training and maneuvers on the journey. For example, in a real live battle situation, if a submarine got too close, it was the destroyer’s job to drop (just huge bombs that sink down and blow up next to the submerged sub). So, one of the drills that the Porter was tasked with was sending out fake depth charges for cheap michael kors practice.

You can tell where this train wreck is heading, can’t you?”We fake michael kors wrote ‘void’ on the side, so it should be dead. Bombs are like checks, right?”

Yes, the geniuses on the Willie Dee never got around to disarming their anti submarine weapons. And on November 12, a live depth charge just fell off the deck. Fell. As in it kind of rolled off, into the ocean, within killing distance of the president of the United States. And it exploded. And that was when shit got real.

As you can imagine, the sonar on every ship in the convoy started ringing like the world was ending, because clearly there was an enemy boat within firing range. In cheap replica michael kors addition to trying to track the phantom Nazi down, the ships also began executing evasive maneuvers, which means they were tasked with getting the hell out of the line of fire. Surely the Axis powers had intelligence on the secret mission and were after them, michael kors cheap knowing that freaking FDR was on board.”Hide in my cabin? Not when there are Nazi assassins to mock.”

Just as the captain probably got ready to wheel FDR over the deck in a mercy killing, everyone got a message from the Porter. They did it. The Willie Dee was actually fortunate that the bomb had sank a ways before detonating, otherwise their entire stern would have blown off. But we’re going to take a wild guess and presume no one was counting their lucky stars at the moment when they had to make that call.”You know when you’re so embarrassed you want the ship to explode and remove your head with shrapnel? That.”

And then, because every single man on the Willie Dee had made a deal with the devil and lost, a freak wave hit the boat, knocking one guy overboard (he was never found) and flooding the boiler replica michael kors room. This resulted in a loss of power, which put the William D. Failure even further behind the rest of the convoy. If it had been us, we would have just quietly turned tail and slipped on back to the States. But they didn’t. Even though Admiral Ernest King, who was in charge of the convoy (and getting sick of the problems and hourly damage reports from the Willie Dee), personally radioed Captain Walter, telling him to cut the shit out and start cheap michael kors bags acting properly.”This thing is making weird sounds. Someone should see to that.”Articles Connexes:

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